Sonntag, 26. Januar 2014

Some test inking...

I've been struggling with finding the right art style for some time now, since I've gotten way more used to painting than drawing during the last few years. Anyway, I finished a test page today, have a look!

Sonntag, 12. Januar 2014

What's going on in here?

Hi everybody! I'm going to use this blog as a documentary on my progress of developing a fantasy webcomic.

"Asche" is set in a world which roughly corresponds to a period somewhere between the late middle ages to early modern ages of our time and is populated by a species of very human-like demonic creatures. I'll be starting with fleshing out the designs for different kinds of demons, specific characters and also other species that might appear. Have these initial sketches of various horn shapes to get started!

Have a look at this old illustration of the three main characters Ker, Grish and Rhanas:

I redesigned Ker and Rhanas a bit (last row of the sketched heads) to make the three of them more distinguishable, especially regarding the silhouettes of Rhanas and Grish, which were pretty much the same. So I added a second pair of horns to. Rhanas' head which not only alters the silhouette but also gives him a more noble look. I'm not sure if I'm totally satisfied with the sketched redesign above, but I think I made a step in the right direction anyway. I'm always open for suggestions!